Here are some of the unique ways we demonstrate our values of loving, learning & collaboration


Charity Tots

 This special program to teaches children the value and joy of giving while demonstrating our commitment to helping others. We have commited to donating to at least one charity a month.

A wide mouth decorated bucket allows infants to practice fine motor skills and early concepts of giving. Teachers engage toddlers in disucssions so they learn about each charity.

Organizations we have recently supported

Together we G.R.O.W.

Promoting diversity through education


Our program aims to teach all children to be proud of their identities and to respect a range of human differences. This approach is supported by research which indicates that teaching this to young children can positively impact their attitudes regarding people whose backgrounds differ from their own. We integrate this into our curriculum and visual and material environment through our 4 goals of G.R.O.W.



Recognizing each child is a gift and is special



Connecting through diversity so children can relate to each otherʼs differences



Encouraging real and open conversations and examples of unfairness



It takes all of us to see change and encourage diversity


Our schools understand the significance each team member plays in the quality of care we provide our community. We not only hire staff that align to our core values of Love, Learn and Collaborate, but we make it a focus of ours to ensure they live them on a daily basis in our schools. In return, our leadership works diligently to make sure each employee knows they are awesome. We do this in a variety of ways:

School Satisfaction Captains that plan awesome events and activities to keep staff engaged and united

A full-time Satisfaction Coordinator on staff to help ensure a healthy culture where employees become raving fans

Awesome cards which translate to cash in employees pockets just for living the company core values

Sensitivity and awareness measures to reduce burnout

Quarterly surveys to measure employee satisfaction