Tiny Tot Preschool sets the foundation for 3 - 5 year olds to enjoy a lifetime love for learning

Preschool is an exciting time for a child as they begin the adventure of a lifetime. Tiny Tot provides opportunities for developing a strong foundation for children's future success. Classrooms are set up with a variety of learning areas to ensure development across all learning domains. Children are encouraged to be independent and develop self-care skills. Tiny Tot provides meaningful learning experiences by relating to real life situations.


Small group activities encourage peer cooperation and teamwork


Active participation in logical thinking and problem solving situations

Develop comprehension of literacy experiences and concepts of print

Following multiple step instructions

Using senses to explore, observe and collect knowledge about the world around them

Rave Reviews

My son really loves this daycare. Its the first daycare hes ever been to and he some times don't want to leave. He loves the teachers and kids.

Benetiz Family

My little one has been here for over a year and has learned so much....she has become a chatterbox at 3yrs old! Staff there are very friendly.

Salgado Family

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